John Speight's Original Papercut Art

John Speight has been a professional papercut artist since 1990.
He is self-taught but comes from a family with a tradition of silhouette profile cutting. Although he's the third generation in the line of silhouette artists, he chose not cut profiles like the others, and instead decided to create his own style.

John uses a scalpel to cut his pictures. His personal view is that he would prefer to choose one tool and try to master it, rather than have a large range of equipment that he's forever trying to get used to. So, twenty years or so ago,he chose a Swann-Morton scalpel with a 10A blade and has continued with that to this day

John's vast range of designs include local scenes, sports and leisure, cats, dogs, horses, cars, aircraft and trees. His silhouettes are all individually hand-cut  which  ensures each picture has small differences that make it a unique original.


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